Photo 27 Jun Your new garden at Blue Lotus Okiya:
It is summer. Have some shaved ice.

Your new garden at Blue Lotus Okiya:

It is summer. Have some shaved ice.

Text 12 Jun 10 notes one new hair


Hi everybody. I am trying to build my shop back up again. I know it’s a little embarrassing to release only ONE hair after two years of inactivity, but I’m trying! I am really a beginner to this whole MESH thing.

I have created all new colors as well.

  • There should be about 30 different colors. 
  • There is a hairbase included for each color as well.
  • For now, I have no color change HUD system. I hope to implement that sometime in the future.
  • I have connected all vendors to this new hairstyle (and to all future new hair styles to come) to a vendor system. That way, redelivery is possible. (NOTE: All older hairs will not have redelivery support.)
  • I will be putting all my older hairs on discount later this month (around 50% off). At this moment in time I am a bit busy in RL so I cannot change all the prices immediately in both SL Marketplace and in world.

FOR NOW, colors of the hair are available to be purchased individually at 75L$. I am not sure for how long I can always organize selling individual colors as the more colors one makes, the less practical it seems. It seems “color packs” are what most people are helping themselves to.

There are 5 different small packs to choose from at 275L$ containing 6 colors. We have…

  • Woods Pack (Blonds)
  • Spices Pack (Goldens and Coppers)
  • Flowering Pack (Reds)
  • Cafe Pack (Browns)
  • Fabrics Pack (Grayscale and Blacks)

Of course there is a FATPACK available with all 30 colors. This has the biggest saving at 875L$. :)

Anyways, please let me know what you think of the hair by picking up a demo inworld! (I have yet to be able to list this hair on SL Marketplace). Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome. I know this hair isn’t perfect, but I think it’s a decent first try for navigating in the dark. :)

Thanks for liking my work.

Video 14 Apr 1 note

Sabai Sabai Onsen is my latest build for you all. Please enjoy it. It was recently moved from one corner of the sim to another, but rest assured the following SLURL will take you there:

Due to the nature of this place, I understand being nude is a part of it, but please avoid being nude outside the grounds of the onsen and refrain from doing any acts sexual in nature.

Text 30 Mar Destination Guide Highlights on SL Blog

I think this is a pretty big deal.

At least I think it is :D. Blue Lotus Okiya is featured! :D one of the five. :D HOORAY. :D

Video 6 Mar 7 notes

I have changed Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe to spring. :) Please visit. I try to add something new every season. I hope you enjoy those things.


Photo 23 Feb Terra Grotto - Bar & Lounge. This place reached 1 year old this year! It was very secret, but now, please, feel free to visit it openly. :)SLURL:

Terra Grotto - Bar & Lounge. This place reached 1 year old this year! It was very secret, but now, please, feel free to visit it openly. :)

Text 6 Dec Flickr Group

This group is for photographs taken in the WatchTower sim. :) Either at Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe, Curly Vine, or anywhere else inbetween there. Feel free to add old and new ones! The area has quite a history now (to me, 2 years is a while!) so having it documented is great. Thanks for coming by my place.

Video 5 Dec 2 notes

My three main places all fully equipped for snow time! Please visit them all! In my time, I’ve learned it’s best not to wait for later or put it off for some other day to visit a place in SL… especially non-profit places. Places like this usually end up vanishing at some point and then you won’t get your chance.

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe SLURL:

urly Vine - Winery & Tavern SLURL:

Blue Lotus Okiya and Hanamachi SLURL:

Video 27 Nov 3 notes

Curly Vine - Winery & Tavern

Recently put together about two weeks ago. I felt very compelled to have a winery. :) A nice little medieval kind of age area. No dresscode so come as you are! Hope you all enjoy it. It is just on the other side of my Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe. They are in the same sim! Check out both! :D

Video 23 Oct 4 notes

I finally got time to make it Autumn themed! Better late than never…

Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe:

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